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Brow Lift in Bear Creek Texas for a Wrinkle Free Forehead

Brow Lift in Bear Creek Texas

A brow lift is also known as forehead lift or browplasty, which is a type of cosmetic surgery. This is carried on to give a youthful and firm look to the forehead and eyebrows. The majority of the times, it is done for aesthetic reasons and very rarely as a requirement if the eyebrows are sagging and obstructing the vision.

A German surgeon Erich Lexer first recorded the idea of brow lift surgery during 1910. It was referred to as coronal or open forehead lift during that time. This becomes a requirement among the people in the age group of 35 to 55 years. In this procedure, the incision was made close to the hairline from ear to ear. The excess skin was removed and skin and muscle were lifted and sutured to give a smooth, wrinkle free appearance.

Brow lift may be performed as an isolated surgery or may be included as part of face-lift surgery. Many people employ endoscopic surgery for brow lift procedures. The more advanced method of brow lift is done using Endotine implants for better results and more accuracy. The brow lift in Bear Creek Texas involves all the risks that any surgery would have but the chances are very little compared to other types of surgeries.

The physician should be well versed with such surgeries and should have a good experience. The patient may experience watery eyes, double vision, dry eyes or in very rare cases pain in the eyes. These are temporary and can be addressed effectively in a short period. The Botox injection is also used to obtain the same results as a brow lift. This is a non-surgical procedure wherein Botox is injected once in every four to six months.

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